My Apps

BiFiC – “Binary Finger Counting”
The BiFiC  App helps in learning about Binary numbers, by letting you swipe a finger (or thumb) up or down (right or left) to display a binary number and it’s decimal equivalent parts, and a total.

Read the Help Page  ?  for using BiFiC.

It is only available for the iPad




KlogG – “Kids Logic Gates”

This App introduces Boolean Logic Tables and Logic Symbols for the major logic constructs. Examples are :-





The Open page has instructions for using the KlogG app, and each button has an explanation of the gate chosen. The Read to Me button wil read the text in a voice set for your iPad.

It is only available for the iPad.





The SongLine Apps are a range of subjects based on popular songs. The objective is to guess the Title of a song from a Line in the lyrics. If a song title is not recognised, a single Tap will play the artiste singing the line of music. A double tap will reveal the Title.

It is only available for the iPhone.

This app is NOT in the App Store